About Us

Welcome to the home of St. Stephen’s Royal Arch Chapter.  The invitation to receive more light on Freemansonry is the opportunity to continue the story and lessons of the first 3 degrees you received at your “symbolic” or blue lodge. There is much more to learn and build upon for the Master Mason. The following description of Royal Arch Masons is from the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Massachusetts.

At one time the Royal Arch Degree was a part of the Master Mason Degree but was available only to Past Masters. All of the degrees conferred in the Chapter are a continuation of what you have been taught in the symbolic lodge. In fact, you finally discover that which was lost.

Although these degrees are not mandatory for Master Masons, they are available to those who wish to improve themselves in masonry. Every Master Mason who appreciates the beginning of the story will surely value its wondrous completion.

The 4 degrees are:

Mark Master Mason - The Candidate is once again an Entered Apprentice and learns more of the work in the building of King Soloman’s Temple. The lessons apply to conducting your life as well.

Past Master- This degree enables the candidate to experience sitting in the East as Master of the lodge. In the past, one needed to be an actual Past Master of a Lodge of Freemasons to become a Royal Arch Mason. This degree fulfills the requirement with a virtual session in the Oriental Chair.

Most Excellent Master – The Old Testament lessons of the building and destruction of the Temple are presented to the candidate as he works the quarry. Worship, prayer and sacrifice are presented in context of ancient times with application today as a lesson.

Royal Arch Mason – One of the most beautiful degrees in Masonry. The life of our Grand Master Hiram Abif and the” Master’s Lost Word” that was first mentioned in the Master Mason’s 3rd degree are revisited in much greater detail. The Word is found and  the lesson that a life lived well and with faith will result in a place in the city and temple of God.